Wild Otter, an app developed by Shoothill is now available on the app store

27th of February 2024

Shoothill are proud to announce that Wild Otter an app developed by Shoothill is now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Wild Otter is an app designed to make British waterways more accessible, be that through paddleboarding, canoeing or wild swimming. The app was first thought of by the local entrepreneur Kieran Johnson, the founder of local Shropshire business Hire a Canoe. Kieran drew on his vast experience with the nation’s waterways to create this idea.

Kieran Johnson said: “Wild Otter offers a brilliant service to those keen to get out onto the nation’s waterways in a safe and fun way. As it stands today the app offers plenty to users, we hope to implement more features in the coming months as we continue along the development roadmap.”

The app itself uses a map-based structure to present users with a range of information that helps them to navigate rivers, lakes, and canals via destinations like pubs and cafes or facilities such as parking and toilets. The design of this app leant heavily into Shoothill’s past experiences in map-based data visualisation, such as with GuageMap and FloodAlerts, with the local connection as well Shoothill was the ideal developer for this app.

Rod Plummer, Managing Director of Shoothill said: “Working with such a creatively minded entrepreneur has been brilliant. It’s been incredibly enjoyable seeing the project take shape and the advancement of map-based visualisation since we first started working with the technology in 2006.”

Head of Design, Daivd Bissell said: “As a direct-to-consumer app, Wild Otter is a little different to our numerous enterprise projects. We’ve worked really hard to make sure that anyone who picks this app up will understand how to use it and be able to fully utilise Wild Otter’s functionality within seconds.”

Wild Otter launches with map points nationwide, users can add their own as well. The admin team behind Wild Otter have assembled a range of different routes for users to follow. To make the app more convenient users also have access to a favouriting system.

To aid in accessibility the app provides users with difficulty rankings for sections of water as well as providing information of river flow and gradient. This means that newcomers to these pass times have an easy way in to these hobbies provided through the app, however, more advanced canoeists and swimmers can find routes more suitable for themselves.

Wild Otter has an advanced hazard notification system designed to keep users safe. Users can flag hazards, such as debris on the app and this will show for other users to navigate around.

The app entered a beta testing period late last year to fine-tune the system before its public release. From this beta period, the app has received brilliant feedback from those involved praising the functionality of the system and its clear design and user interface.

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