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A Life In Pictures, The Queen (2022)

Shoothill released a one million image digital mosaic of Her Majesty The Queen, which utilises Shoothill's Megafiche technology. The piece was released in time for The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022, celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's 70 year reign.

ARH Group (2021)

Shoothill were tasked with designing, developing and launching a progressive web application. The app allows ARH engineers to record and submit their timesheets, allowing for reporting of labour costs and summaries.

Darwin Group (2021)

Shoothill designed and developed a project management system for Shrewsbury construction firm Darwin Group. The system is designed to facilitate purchase orders, monitor projects, manage budgets and more - adding transparency and streamlining workflow.

West Midlands Police VRU Project (2021)

Shoothill created a system for West Midlands Police that uses data to pinpoint areas of crime, in order to identify trends and work out the root cause of criminal activity

My Flood Insurance (2020)

'My Flood Insurance (MFI)' is the first price comparison site for flood insurance in the United States, built by Shoothill in partnership with National Flood Insurance.

Shoothill Covid Tracer (2020)

‘Covid Tracer’ solves customer data problem for hospitality industry

PPE Exchange (2020)

During the Covid19 crisis, Shoothill opted to volunteer our skills during this challenging time to make a difference. The solution we worked towards tackled the PPE shortage on the frontlines directly. Working with our partners from the PETO project In 2016 we designed, created, and released PPE Exchange within 7 days. The innovative site was backed by the CBI and the GMB Union and featured on BBC News.

Supersocks (2019)

Custom Point of Sale Kiosk application with integrated Artificial Intelligence. See case study here

Apollo 'Deep Zoom' (2019)

Our latest attempt creating a potentially unlimited scale image online celebrating the 50 years since the moon landings. This milestone also marked 10 years since Shoothill’s Deep Moon project in 2009. The end result was 100,000 times larger than our last zoom in honour of this wonderful human achievement. Follow this link to see what the Daily Mail called “A stunning MOSAIC made of 8,000 different images from the iconic landing is made of a TRILLION pixels”

Object identification A.I. (2019)

Artificial intelligence – Object recognition & identification within images, and video

Oodls (2018)

Oodls is a tech start up based in Edinburgh who engaged us to build their image sales platform with artificial intelligence powered smart searching and Instragram integration. Read the case study here.

Oath / Arla BOB (2018)

Shoothill designed and developed a gamified app which was central to a marketing campaign for Arla B.O.B Milk. Arla B.O.B Milk is fat free skimmed milk that's as tasty as semi-skimmed. The software gave its audience a fun way to discuss how they liked their milk or cream in their drinks (and how much), whilst also encouraging them to try BOB in their tea and coffee instead.

Housebuilder Pro (2018 onwards)

Housebuilder Pro is a full end to end project management software system, supporting new home construction companies from the initial sales enquiry, right through to the end of the 10 year warranty period. Developed by Shoothill in partnership with Shingler Homes.

The Green Bus (2018)

Shoothill created a bespoke web-based bus tracking and booking system, custom designed to The Green Bus’s exact requirements. An innovative and far-sighted company, The Green Bus is the UK's leader in transport between home and school, as well as work or for ‘days out’. This legacy migration reenergised their activities and opened the door to future collaboration.


MineMap was an experimental project for a client overlaying genuine maps of abandoned coal mines to Google Maps. Each map had a slider tool so users could see exactly which properties were built over old coal mine shafts and tunnels.

waterAware.FYI (2017)

Water Aware was created to help communities interpret drought and flood conditions through rain and river height data. From company SunWater, the site offers an option to sign up to receive automatically generated Twitter notifications. The information can also be shared on Facebook. Users can access and follow water level gauges that they have a specific interest in, then opt to receive automatic updates as the water levels vary. As the water level gauge information is updated hourly, Water Aware is a particularly useful tool for landholders and residents living near a river or downstream of a dam or weir. As a result, the software can assist with understanding impacts of recent rainfall within the catchment.

OPAL Imperial College London (2017)

Imperial College London tasked Shoothill to build an interactive map-based application displaying their vast archive of environmental data. collated from OPAL citizen scientists. This data included over 41,000 environmental records taken from thousands of individual surveys from all over the UK, spread over the previous 8 years. Our challenge was to not only create a way to visualise this data on a google map but also to do so in manageable fashion. Due to the sheer number of records being mapped, we had to take care not to cover the map in 41,000 pins, one for each record. We solved the problem by creating a brand new ‘clustering method’, making each cluster pin a colour coded pie chart in itself.

Eye on Calderdale (2016)

Eye on Calderdale is your one stop website for up to date information about flooding, weather and traffic disruptions in Calderdale valley. Shoothill created a system which end users, flood wardens, and emergency services could use through a map and warning widgets. These allowed the user to check for; current river levels; any flood or traffic alerts; flood risk; reporting a hazard and more.

Microsoft / Open University (2016)

The Open University offers 1000’s of degree-level qualification courses and wanted to display them in a new way. The challenge was not to overwhelm the prospective student with every course available, but rather let them ‘pick’ the course that was best for them. We achieved this with an interactive on-screen animated course selector, including an immersive experience for the one course most suitable for that student.

Marvel Comics Online Experience (2011)

Disney turned to Microsoft and Shoothill to create an online experience, exhibiting media from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney bought Marvel Comics in 2009 for $4 billion. In 2016, the company looked to create an exciting and interactive site, showing clips and a myriad of other information about the many movies made with Marvel characters by Disney. This included segments on films such as Iron-Man, the X-Men, and Spider-Man, and were all available to view on the MSN platform.

Floodcast (2016)

FloodCast was software for automated emergency messaging which used social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Initially Shoothill invented and built it for the Environment Agency. However, after months of meetings and discussions we were informed that “the EA does not want innovation”. Since then, we have sold components of the system abroad.