Does your web presence stand out in the crowded digital marketplace?

Having a website that is attractive and practical is more important now than ever, with the first point of contact for a customer often being through a website before any other method when engaging with a business. Your customers want to see what is on the menu before booking or purchasing, see who else has used your services, and gage what their experience is likely to be before contacting you. Shoothill Web is our way of offering businesses a simple, quick and no-nonsense way of getting a web presence without all the hassle of working out how to do it yourself or suffer at the hands of unscrupulous web agencies.

Why Shoothill Web?


Many web design firms will charge you between one to five thousand pounds to build a bespoke and functional website, requiring full payment before your website is launched – but not with Shoothill Web. From as little as £99.00 per month, Shoothill Web allows businesses to benefit from their investment upfront, whilst spreading the cost as it is put in to use.

Personalised service

At Shoothill Web our speciality is you. You will have access to our dedicated team who can assist you not only with the initial design and implementation but ongoing support to keep your website at its best. Having won the Shropshire Chamber 2020 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, we showcase how we are continually striving to use our expertise for our customers.

Stand out

Visiting your web page will be the first insight your customers have into your services; if your website lacks aesthetic professionalism or it is difficult to use, the impatient customer of this digital age will simply shop elsewhere who possesses a better web presence. Our dedicated design team can help you build a website that reflects your business, through attractive visuals and practical layouts.

Content management

Keeping your website up to date helps you maintain engagement with your customers. We offer an easy to use content management system so you can update your website with no extra hidden costs from us. Not all customers access information through social media platforms so having your business’ key information easy to find is essential to create and maintain long term business.

If you are looking to launch a new website for your business, redesign a current page or want advice on how to make your web presence more interactive for your customers, please get in touch. We offer a no-obligation service to discuss your business’ individual needs.

Q: What is different about Shoothill Web?

A: You can have a bespoke and fully functional website created with no full upfront cost. With Shoothill Web you can benefit from the rewards of your website straight away, whilst spreading the cost. Online solutions such as Yell Business or GoDaddy can leave you with a generic website design which you have to learn to create yourself, with Shoothill Web you will receive a personable service giving you a bespoke design which stands out from your competitors. Updating or adding content can also be costly and timely, we offer you a solution to amend your content in real time whilst being on hand if you need support at no extra cost.

Q: Will I be tied into a contract?

A: Instead of a high upfront cost, you will be on a 12-month contract. This allows us to keep the cost low and offer ongoing support throughout your contract length.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?

A: There are no hidden fees. We will ensure that we quote you for all your website needs before starting your build, so you know what the full cost will be.

Q: What if my needs change during my contract length?

A: We understand that your business needs may change during the length of your contract, and your website may need to change too. Your initial contract may be revised part way through your term to allow for additional features and functions. Your contract is fully inclusive for your 12-month term, including all content changes. However, we understand that your business needs may change during this time and therefore your website needs may change too. If you wanted to expand your website or add new features, we can always revise your current contract with you.

Q: How do I update content?

A: You will be given access to your easy to use content management system, meaning you can update information and content on your website at any time. We are of course always available to assist you with this.

Q: Can I move my website away?

A: In the unlikely case that you want to transfer your website to another hosting provider after the term of your contract, unlike other firms we will make this simple and easy for you to do – with no penalty fee.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Once we have all the details from you for your website, we will have your initial design ready to present to you usually within a week. Once you are happy, we will make your site live and help you with your transition.

Q: What additional support can you provide?

A: Our model ensures that you only pay for what you need, with the basic model including all your website hosting needs. However, if you need additional support such as content writing for your pages or logo and branding design, we have specialists who can help you with this and these add-ons will be included within your annual quote.

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