Wednesday, 5th April 2023

Why custom software integrations will transform your business

Software integrations are complicated and confusing. While some platforms have integrations built into them most do not. An integration, is a feature in software that allows the functionality of another piece of software in it. 


Spreadsheets like Excel and Google Sheets are designed to work with other products in the company’s ecosystem such as Word or PowerPoint. 


A prime example of this is with our highly successful subsidiary Housebuilder Pro. This software manages the complete process of producing new build homes. To keep in touch with their customers the home builders who use this platform have access to Mailchimp and SendGrid. These integrations enable the users of Housebuilder Pro to contact their customers through these services, directly from Housebuilder Pro’s emailing system.


Both Mailchimp and SendGrid are highly popular methods of sending marketing emails, including this in our own Housebuilder Pro enabled our customers to have these solutions’ functionality in our software. 


The vast majority of our projects for companies include SendGrid integrations. But integrations go a little bit further than just emails. 


When working with Halfords on the project “Really Ready for Summer”, a campaign that aimed to get people outside and onto their bikes. At Shoothill we integrated maps for customers to find activities as well as Strava so that customers could import their activities. 


Integrations go beyond additional customer-facing services. In previous applications, we’ve integrated Microsoft’s Officer 365 Authenticator into our customer’s systems. A two-step authenticator system that uses a mobile device to enable secure logins, and integrations enable customers to provide. 


One of our long-standing clients HD Sharman, a commercial-scale roofing company uses Big Change to manage their workflows. With the CRM we provide to HD Sharman we integrated this service into their system, meaning their team only needs to use one portal.


These are only some of the examples of integrations we’ve provided, but as you can see the possibilities are nearly endless. 


Without integrations you’re left bouncing from software to software, losing track of your work and not realising your full potential. It’s easy to think that this is how all companies work. But this is not the case. 


At Shoothill we’ve worked with countless companies to connect the dots of the digital systems to create one seamless system. Transformed, these companies now operate with data moving between individuals without issue and without delay.


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