Who needs digital transformation?

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is a buzzword you may have heard used frequently, but many aren’t entirely clear on what it entails. Put simply it’s the use of software solutions to solve real world problems. It sounds obvious, but computers are often better than people at performing tasks.

The possibilities with technology in this day and age are too numerous to even consider counting, and the list just continues growing ever longer. Switching out manual processes for automated alternatives, unifying disparate processes in one centralised cloud-based system, utilising artificial intelligence for rapid problem solving. These are the sorts of changes which can render complex tasks effortless and rule out human error.

Digital transformation offers a lot of advantages, so let’s talk about who really needs these systems in place, and why.

Large Businesses

Realistically, most larger businesses will already have made the smart move to a digital upheaval, but there are those still heavily reliant on outdated legacy systems or spreading themselves thin over a number of disparate off-the-self software packages.

The larger a business is, the harder it is to manage. With a lot on your plate, and complications around every corner, it’s all too easy for things to go wrong. A digital transformation changes that, taking the weight off of your shoulders and offering a stress-free alternative.

A streamlined software solution speeds up processes enormously, earning you more value from your team members. Giving your functionality one centralised home removes the majority of human error from data handling and decision making. Across the company time and effort is saved, vastly cutting down on the need for micromanagement, earning team leaders more time to improve their departments and develop new innovations for your business.

Between the boost in morale, productivity, accuracy and efficiency, digital transformation can reinvigorate a stagnating business model and give a large company the support it needs to thrive.

Growing Enterprises

Before reaching a comfortable plateau with diminished investment costs, large customer base, and big profits, every business has a hill to climb. How steep this slope proves and how swiftly you ascend it is owed to many overlapping factors, and of course the sooner you can get to the top, the better.

Yet growth, desirable as it may be, is not without its pitfalls. Any growing business needs to take care not to overextend and find themselves plummeting into a chasm. From financial errors and budgeting problems, to difficulty with scaling up elements of the business model in balance, through to staying on top of management and dealing with rising levels of competition. The road to the top of the mountain is a treacherous one.

A powerful tool to dodge these potentially damning growing pains is, of course, digital transformation. With an efficient back end system keeping track of your business, analysing and visualising data, and streamlining workflow, the difficult slog up the growth curve becomes a pleasant stroll. Such a system would…

Empower you to make smart business decisions to turn over a consistent profit. Anticipate scaling issues in advance and resolve them before they can trip you up. Give you the means to remain in control of the expanding business. Enable your team members to work efficiently and to their utmost potential, steamrolling you into the lead in your industry.

The best way to climb this hill is to be ahead of the other climbers.

A digital overhaul to your business supports your growth, sustaining it and accelerating it without fear of overextending and falling back down the curve like Sisyphus.

Start Up Companies

Starting up a business is always tough, and in the modern world, embracing the benefits of technology provides a strong platform to launch from. Inevitably you’ll need to seek digital solutions moving forward so why not begin as you mean to go on?

The tallest buildings have the deepest foundations. Starting out with an end to end system to assist in the day to day running of your business is invaluable for any company hoping to go the distance.

It provides structure and support moving forward, serving as a template for your workflow and a hub to organise and manage data. With more and more large companies implementing software into their operation, utilising this service will help you make a strong first impression, presenting you as professional and capable to new contacts, instigating the trust which builds profitable relationships. Facilitating smooth progression of projects, and savings on initial outgoing cashflow, an effective and tailormade system keeps you on target and optimises your potential.

With a digital transformation introducing your business to the world, you’ll hit the ground running and stand to earn a high return on investments short and long term.


Now, as much as that header might seem like I’m cheating, it really is true. We’ve all seen it happen and not noticed it for what it is. Digital transformation is happening everywhere to improve our quality of life.

From smart homes with every appliance connected and controlled intuitively through the Internet of Things, to our artificial intelligence powered virtual assistants which help us manage our social media, calendars, and personal lives. From online shopping sites with every product we could want a matter of mouse clicks away, to the online banking we use to pay for it.

Everyday tasks we all perform are gradually being usurped by digital alternatives, and with innovations and advancements in technology happening faster every year, it’s not unreasonable to expect our world to become ever more ingrained with software solutions.

Everyone can benefit from digital transformation, and almost everyone already is. It’s vital we adapt alongside these changes lest we be left behind.


Large, small, somewhere in between. No matter your industry, digital transformation can have a positive effect on your business. If you haven’t already looked into the possibilities available to you, you’re missing out, for all the reasons above.

Automated systems make tasks effortless and swift. Bespoke software hands you the reins giving you control of your business and enabling you to dodge pitfalls and growing pains. An end to end system can serve as a company’s backbone, serving as a strong foundation worthy of a large business.

With countless firms already turning to similar solutions, it’s important for you to stay on top.

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