Wednesday, 19th April 2023

Thinking outside the box with business intelligence


Even for the most switched-on, business intelligence can seem a little complicated. Effectively any data relating to your business comes under this catch-all marketing term. For most, this often means sales data, staff productivity, and returns. If you’re not utilising this data, you’re missing a major aspect of your business that custom software can help you unlock. Shoothill’s speciality.


But for other companies thinking outside of the box can make business intelligence a little more fun and aid to raise the profile of our business and campaign.


Back in 2018, this was the case for Arla with their new B.O.B milk, fat-free milk that tasted like semi-skimmed. Arla wanted to gamify data, making it a focal point for a new marketing campaign.


With great enthusiasm, Shoothill took up the task. Constructing a web page that enabled customers to specify how much milk their ‘bang-on brew’ had. This led to Arla finding their customer’s perfect amount of milk.


Of course, this isn’t the first time that a company managed to make data fun. The industry standard in this is Spotify with the annual Spotify Wrapped. A presentation for Spotify users that recaps that year’s listening and generates a playlist that encapsulates their years. An online focal point that makes data gathered for the purposes of business intelligence, simply fun for the user.


So business intelligence can be used to market your new product and celebrate your user base. This sort of business intelligence also has great power to save lives. In a project with the West Midlands Fire Service, Shoothill mapped out over 40 datasets including house fires, vehicle fires and false alarms.


This information that the Fire Service had on record was made accessible to the general public for the first time. This gave greater insight into the work of the service but also into their struggles against crimes like arson. The Fire Service used what is their business intelligence to develop a greater understanding of its work in the general public with a level of transparency never before achieved.


Harnessing data in creative ways is how you take your business intelligence up to another level. Shoothill are well prepared to establish where you need to make changes and then implement these changes for you. With over 2 centuries of professional software experience across the team, Shoothill can conquer any problem.


Nigel Kilby Commercial Director at HD Sharman and RoofCare Group said: “Shoothill provided the tools we needed to maximise our efficiency. The team not only provided what we needed initially, but they became a source of aid in helping us scale over the long term by consistently delivering digital solutions to technical problems”.

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