Wednesday, 3rd May 2023

The state of design – a May update from the team


For those outside the software industry understanding the complete scope of Shoothill is a little tricky. When one hears the words, full service custom software agency, it’s easy to assume it’s just a group of coders producing magical portals and apps.


While true to an extent there’s so much more with designers, consultants, user interface developers, and system developers directly producing our software. But with a host of staff supporting their work including operations, sales and marketing. We hope this series of articles helps you understand what Shoothill do best.


David Bissell and Liam Kelsall 


Currently, the revision of Sharmans’ CRM is a focus of ours. Internally called Sharmans 2.0, the plygene manufacturer has seen major growth over the past five years. As a result, the system built and continually developed with them needs an overhaul. As the solution grew in scope, it developed inefficiencies that only a major redesign could resolve.


By updating the user interface, the user experience will be further improved, accelerating the work of Sharman’s staff.  With Sharman’s system, like all our projects, every design decision is driven by the client’s business needs. Sharmans want to continually improve their platform but not interrupt their staff’s understanding and use of the system. 


At Shoothill we continue to work with our customers beyond the first project. After all one of the major benefits of custom software is the much stronger aftercare than off-the-shelf solutions provide. We built your platform, we know exactly how it works and how to implement your suggestions. Currently, we’re also committing time to design improvements of Housebuilder Pro, our end-to-end home-building CRM. Applying progress in the field and our own expertise to our now four-year-old platform.


The past few months have been a great time in the design department. We’ve seen some high-profile and important projects launch. Last month the Base Architects’ system went live. An important project for Base as a company, it’s a complete CRM that facilitates a complete digital transformation for their enterprise.


But for Shoothill there’s something a little different in this project, the Base system was both challenging and rewarding. We feel we’ve produced a system both innovative and easy to use. While all our software is bespoke for each customer,  like all software development teams, we work from motifs that are cutting edge and thematically in keeping with current operating systems.


The Base system is a result of following the client’s brief to fit within their brand identity. This is expressed firmly in the dashboard which uses a clean minimalistic design. We can’t wait to see the results of implementing this into our older systems and products.


To learn more about the scope of Shoothill’s work, get in touch here.