Wednesday, 18th November 2020

The origin of Housebuilder Pro

Housebuilder Pro is a full end to end project management software system offering complete administration and operational support throughout the life cycle of the new home build, sale, and aftercare process. Housebuilder Pro, being aimed at new home builders, needed to be sophisticated, detailed and comprehensive for all relevant parties: contractors, site managers, site workers and customers. How did one project for a customer eventually become its own self-sufficient brand subsidiary of software specialists Shoothill?

Innovation in action

Jeremy Shingler of Shingler Homes approached Shoothill in mid-2018 and requested the build of a ‘complete business management software system’ for his company. Shoothill produced version one of this software quickly and, over the course of the next several weeks and months, new features were added, and changes were made to tailor to the requirements of Shingler Homes. In September 2018, Jeremy approached Shoothill and suggested that Shoothill should investigate selling the product to other new home builders and described how he found it difficult to find a product that was as comprehensive as he wanted.

Shoothill took this suggestion seriously, and on the 29th November 2018, Housebuilder Pro was incorporated.

“The whole team is positive, full of energy and new ideas, technically brilliant and easy to get on with” – Jeremy Shingler, Managing Director of Shingler Homes Ltd


Shoothill, being Microsoft Silver Partners, have a great wealth of experience on Microsoft Azure in which Housebuilder Pro is hosted. With the customer in mind, Housebuilder Pro needed to be cloud based from the very beginning. Cloud hosting allows the Housebuilder Pro system to connect to our customers’ team in the office and on site or anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud based technology allows for paperless records alongside secure and accessible data storage, digitally transforming the customer relationship management process.

Present Day

Housebuilder Pro is currently sitting extremely well with our customers. Our first customer to integrate the system after the brand was incorporated was SJ Roberts Homes, closely followed by Shropshire Homes.

“At SJ Roberts Homes, we are determined to strengthen our local supply chain, and Shoothill – along with their excellent software Housebuilder Pro – fits the bill perfectly” – Mike Sambrook, Managing Director of SJ Roberts Homes

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Image: Early Housebuilder Pro logo designs and the end result