Wednesday, 8th September 2021

SSL certificates: what they are and why you need one to protect your website

Let’s cut to the chase. What’s an SSL certificate?

An SSL (‘Secure Sockets Layer’) certificate is a stamp of approval that proves that website visitors can navigate your website, make purchases and fill out forms with confidence. In other words, without worrying about whether their data can be obtained by hackers.

SSL certificates are indicated by a locked padlock in the URL bar. Websites that don’t have these padlocks are indicated by a warning icon and a ‘not secure’ message.

Nobody is immune to hackers, not even the smallest of companies.

62% of all web traffic comes from bots. Most bots are harmless, but there are plenty that crawl the web and attempt to maliciously source out vulnerabilities and steal information. Think of these web crawlers as digital parasites.

So how do they work?

An SSL certificate creates an encrypted connection between the website visitors’ browser and the server the website is hosted on. In other words, data that travels between the two can not be easily obtained without an encryption ‘key’.

Think of an encryption key just like a lock in a door. Nobody is getting behind that door if it’s locked apart from those that are trusted.

Why do you need one?

Well, apart from the obvious security benefits mentioned above, it’s all about generating trust. Allowing your website visitors, who may also happen to be potential customers, to trust what you do as an organisation is paramount to the success of your business.

With a website being one of the most popular first touchpoints for businesses, an SSL certificate generates a solid first impression. After all, if a visitor can’t trust you to keep their data secure how can they trust you in other ways?

Having an SSL certificate also helps optimise your website for search. Your marketing team will thank you!

The best way to obtain an SSL certificate and maximising the security of your website is building your website from the ground up with security in mind.

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