30th January 2024

Simon Jeavons to judge for the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce Awards

This year Simon Jeavons will judge the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence in Manufacturing & Engineering.

As Chief Operating Officer for Shoothill, Simon works closely with companies in this sector, having built our relationship with Sharmans, a long-standing manufacturing customer as well as leading numerous of our projects in this space, he knows the signs of an excellent business.

Simon has been at Shoothill for 9 years, in this time he’s acquired a wealth of experience that has led to industry recognition. Last year, Simon became a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting, this acknowledged the work he has done as a consultant, much of which has been in the construction and manufacturing sector.

Simon said: “While at first as software professional this might not look like a logical pairing, in my 9 years at Shoothill we’ve worked closely with engineers in construction and manufacturing firms of all sizes to bolster efficiency.

Some of the highlights of this time being Sharmans, Darwin Group and some upcoming projects we’re yet to speak about. As judge I hope to highlight brilliance in this sector and draw attention to this often overlooked great sector.”

Shoothill works with businesses across all sectors to drive and promote efficiency. Our focus is on digital transformation, creatively applying technology to drive and boost efficiency for businesses.

While all sectors can benefit from this, as nearly every SME we encounter battles with system inefficiencies as a result of a reliance on spreadsheets and legacy platforms. Many businesses that see the largest results from this are often in construction and manufacturing.