Friday, 2nd July 2010

Shoothill’s mosaic of Kylie Minogue impresses MSN visitors

The interactive Kylie Deep Zoom, created in Microsoft Silverlight by leading Deep Zoom experts Shoothill, features an iconic image of the star that leads into hundreds of photos of Kylie at her very best.

Users simply click on the image to zoom in and move around the mosaic, which they can also drag across the screen to easily navigate between pictures, as well as zooming in closer to see individual images in greater detail with captions.

MSN Entertainment Content Manager Steven Wilson-Beales said: “We’re really pleased to be working with Shoothill on MSN Xclusives. Each month we’ll be focusing on a major artist, and this technology allows us to do that in a very exciting, visual manner. I think you’ll agree that the Kylie Minogue project looks absolutely fabulous!”

Rod Plummer, Managing Director of Shoothill, said: “Deep Zoom has a truly amazing capability to allow users to explore collections of high resolution imagery without waiting for huge file downloads”.

“When we combine this within a massive mosaic, the simple zooming interface allows users to explore entire collections right down to specific details in extreme close-up, all with fantastic performance and smooth transitions. Shoothill has been involved with Deep Zoom since its inception and we’re delighted to have been commissioned by MSN to showcase what it can do”.

The Kylie mosaic is the first in an exciting series of Deep Zooms which will be produced for MSN by Shoothill over the coming months.

Kylie’s new album, Aphrodite, features a glittering new set of disco hits written by Minogue and an eclectic mix of contributors including Calvin Harris, Nerina Pallot, Jake Shears of The Scissor Sisters and Tim Rice-Oxley of Keane.

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 Image: The interactive Kylie Deep Zoom, created in Microsoft Silverlight by Shoothill