Friday, 9th October 2020

Shoothill shortlisted for UK Business Tech Awards 2020 in the ‘Tech for Good’ category

This year has been disastrous for global business. We have seen thriving global economies grind to a halt for months on end. The whole world has been at war; a war against a common, invisible enemy. A war in which there are no gunshots, nor soldiers wearing berets, but unsung heroes in masks, visors, and protective clothing. COVID-19 is sadly here to stay. However, despite the ongoing tyranny, there has been an extraordinary amount of selflessness. We have seen retired healthcare workers going back to work and volunteers knitting facemasks for front line workers. What could a small software firm in rural England do to assist a struggling health sector?

Enter PPE Exchange. A website created by Shoothill with the sole aim of bringing together users and suppliers of personal protective equipment (PPE) to allow as much as possible of this urgently needed equipment to get to the front line to safeguard carers and service users. As of the 9th October 2020, the website has seen over 4,000 combined registered buyers and suppliers and over 70,000 supplier enquiries. PPE Exchange is completely free to use and is Shoothill’s contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The UK Business Tech Awards is an annual event that celebrates the UK’s finest tech businesses and rewards innovative and exceptional application of technology to transform and grow businesses. Shoothill are delighted to have been shortlisted for the ‘Tech for Good’ category with the creation of PPE Exchange.

Thanks to the UK Business Tech Awards, organisations across the UK will be receiving recognition for their efforts towards both local and wider communities this year and thank you directly to the UK Business Tech Awards for shortlisting us at Shoothill. It will be refreshing to hear stories of goodwill on the 25th November, as this emotionally exhausting year draws to a close and we look forward to the evening ahead of us.

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