Wednesday, 1st June 2022

Shoothill release ‘A Life In Pictures’, a one million image digital mosaic of The Queen

We at Shoothill are delighted to unveil our latest project utilising Shoothill Megafiche technology, a one million image digital mosaic of Her Majesty the Queen titled ‘A Life In Pictures’, in time for the jubilee celebrations commencing this week.

The mosaic consists of one million photographs of The Queen, all taken at various stages of her life, even before her coronation. The mosaic itself was built using Shoothill’s signature Megafiche technology, a tool that allows users to zoom in, zoom out and pan across all one million images without any loss of quality.

Rod Plummer, Managing Director of Shoothill, the software specialists company behind the project, based in Shropshire, said:

“70 years on the throne is an astonishing achievement and we at Shoothill wanted to celebrate in our own special way. A picture paints a thousand words but what about one million pictures? There’s a lot of history behind these images and we’re proud of what we’ve built.

We spend a lot of our time building systems for private commercial clients, but every now and then, we like to do something a bit different for the public.”

You can view the full mosaic in full screen here.