Friday, 10th May 2019

Shoothill collaborate with Super Socks in exciting new project

In 2012, a then nineteen-year-old Charlie Rodman took a gap year to set up a personalised clothing business. Today, his company Nerdy Banana own seven brands: Super Socks, Nifty Gifty, Snugzy, Doodletogs, Meowie and Dogsy. Shoothill are proud to be collaborating with Super Socks which began trading in late 2017 and was set up by Charlie himself.

What are Super Socks all about?

Super Socks spotted a market for lovers and obsessed pet owners to put their loved one on pairs of socks and today they do that very job. Since they began trading, they have sold over 100,000 pairs of crazy and hilarious looking socks. Super Socks currently operate in over 30 countries worldwide and can be found in some of the world’s largest retail stores. In England, they own large stalls in Selfridges in both Birmingham and London. In the current year, Super Socks want to expand their point-of-sale space from online into the real world. Enter Super Socks Live. Super Socks, on top of being a fascinating brand, have a fantastic sense of humour and we at Shoothill could not be more excited to start working with them on this new project.

What are Shoothill doing to help?

Our expertise in developing intelligent applications is a great catalyst for innovative brands like Super Socks. With the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are currently designing highly capable software for point-of-sale kiosks in which customers will be using to design and print their customised socks. This software will require the customer to either upload a photograph of their loved one or capture one there and then in store and choose their final sock template. At Shoothill, we have great history working with AI and we are recognised for the quality of its implementation across various previous projects and we cannot wait to see how this turns out.

Thank you to Charlie for choosing Shoothill.

Super Socks:

Image: Super Socks desk in Selfridges, Birmingham, England