Monday, 10th July 2023

Shoothill celebrates up and coming talent

Josh Welch joined Shoothill back in 2016. Over the past 7 years, Josh has gone from an apprentice in Technical Sales, to Operations Manager, and now Josh works as our Commercial Manager.

In his work, Josh overviews many aspects to Shoothill. From managing development cycles, consulting customers and presenting new company initiatives.

Simon Jeavons, Shoothill’s Chief Operating Officer said: “Working with Josh these past 7 years has been a pleasure. Josh has grown from a aced college leaver, to seasoned software professional.

At Shoothill we saw the potential in Josh early on, investing in both his apprenticeship and degree.”

In his time at Shoothill, Josh has led many projects. Including our comprehensive time management tool for ARH and managing our relationship with Darwin Construction.

Josh said: “Shoothill took a chance on me and has turned me into who I am today. It’s a cliché, but every day at work is that little bit different. One day I’m consulting on a company’s accounting processes and the next project managing Housebuilder Pro.”

Across its different enterprises and projects, Shoothill has numerous newly qualified staff, as well as those working towards their apprenticeship.

Rod Plummer, Shoothill’s Director said: “Investing in youth is important to society at large. But when you work in software, it’s a must. Shoothill’s greatest strength is its diverse portfolio of experience. Everyone who works here contributes to this.

In our sector, young people have a different way of looking at software, growing up digitally they have a wealth of experience to call on before their career has even begun.”

Across Shoothill’s development team there are more senior developers who began with MS DOS. But also less experienced junior developers. When putting developers on projects the Operations team pair a senior and junior developer to lead development. This relationship cultivates a greater experience in both developers.

This pooling of talents means that our clients benefit from diverse perspectives as well as aid in developing our staff’s capabilities.

Shoothill believes that a company is at its best when people are given the chance to grow and with it so does Shoothill’s talents.

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