Shoothill are to develop Betty Bet Bet, a community focused betting app

Betty Bet Bet is the latest app to be developed by Shoothill, a social betting app with a community focus Betty Bet Bet aims to make a difference by enabling groups to raise funds for their cause.

The entrepreneurs behind the app, Puntcast, have opted to use Shoothill’s full-service agency. They’re not only using our talented development team to build their app, but are also working with our consultancy team, marketeers to scale and maximise their new business venture as well as utilising our design team’s experience in branding the app.

Betty Bet Bet will be developed as a native mobile app for both Android and iOS. It is regulated by the Gambling Commission and fully complies with regulations and recommendations from industry bodies. Both Shoothill and Betty Bet Bet encourage users to gamble responsibly and only for fun.

The app will launch with the games King of the Hill and Win King, the first in a series of games hosted using the Betty Bet Bet platform. In this game mode, users can set up their own leagues, with the prize pot being split between winners and charitable causes and community groups of their choice, as well as compete in a larger competition.

When users set up their own league for a smaller group, such as their football team or colleagues, they can decide how much of the prize pot is directed to a good cause of their choice and how much goes to the winner.

King of the Hill is built around the classic last man standing game. In each round players must choose the team they think will win. If they get it right, they can progress into the next round, lose and they’re out. Once a team has been chosen, they can’t pick that team again. Whereas Win King is built around a league table instead of a knock out system.

Along the development path are a host of features to further bolster the app’s community focus.

Sam Jones, Founder of Puntcast said: “We’re really excited to be working with Shoothill. Although we’ve only been working together for a short period, we already have a great relationship and the guys have been so helpful and forthcoming when developing our ideas for this exciting project.”

Simon Jeavons, Chief Operating Officer of Shoothill said: “We’re excited to build the Betty Bet Bet app, sport, especially football is close to the team’s hearts here at Shoothill.

At Shoothill we joke we save the world one piece of software at a time. To play a part in building a project to better support the nation’s sporting communities is an excellent opportunity to showcase our broad skillset and contribute to this brilliant community.”

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