Thursday, 5th September, 2023

Shoothill are delighted to announce our new logo

As a company, we firmly believe in evolution not revolution. We’ve chosen to evolve our logo and brand to better represent who our company are and what we do.

Our design team have been working recently to better represent our company, vision and brand within our logo. The results of this culminate in three key evolutions in our logo.

The addition of the infinity sign

You’ll notice that the ‘oo’ in Shoothill is now made of an infinity logo. This represents numerous things. Firstly, our company mantra that, “anything is possible.”

Secondly, the sweep of the infinity logo represents the River Severn in our home town of Shrewsbury as well as our local Shropshire Hills. By incorporating both aspects into our logo we’re incorporating both our skills and ties to our local area proudly within our area as well as our commitment to this moving forward.


We’ve chosen to update our font to a classical Swiss style font. The intention, to move towards a timeless design that doesn’t age as the digital world becomes more and more advanced at an ever-increasing rate.

Swiss-style fonts are simple, clean and appropriate for a broad range of use cases. All meaning that in a few years’ time you shouldn’t be seeing a message like this.

The Shoothill target:

One of the core parts of Shoothill’s identity, the target emblemises our ability to hit the mark and achieve the goals of the projects we take on for our clients. The design team have iterated on the target in our old logo to produce a more advanced and balanced logo.

We have a lot of history with the target logo, iconic for Shoothill this icon to us represents where we’ve come from.

David Bissell, Head of Design said: “With such a broad range of work undertaken by Shoothill, be that custom business solutions, consulting or apps for start up businesses, the Shoothill logo is a challenge. It needs to encapsulate what we do, what we’ve done and where we’re going.

I firmly believe this new design balances these perfectly”.