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Voluntary Bailiff Service system for Angling Trust (2016)

A system for officially appointed river bailiffs to securely share information on suspicious activity from across the UK. Shoothill created and hosted the Voluntary Bailiff Service (VBS) website - link here. VBS allowed bailiffs to upload key evidence about any suspicious and criminal activity they see at fishing venues country wide.

Benadryl Interactive Quiz (2016)

Part of a wider advertising campaign, this project aimed to raising awareness about possible allergens in the home. J&J wanted to appeal to a younger audience to help brand awareness with millennial users who are much more likely to engage with creative media. J&J also wanted to capture key user metrics so they could measure against the critical success criteria. Shoothill used its experience in targeted online creative digital to deliver key messages about the product and what may cause symptoms to certain conditions and allergies. To achieve this Shoothill gamified the content, asking users to click on items around the house that could be allergens.


Shoothill was engaged to create an ‘Analysis Engine’ (called PANDA) for NHS products finding the best prices available. The software was designed to intercept procurement requests and to look for any price anomalies on non-medical supplies such as gloves, aprons, visors (i.e. Personal Protective equipment), within the NHS.

David Bowie Tribute Mosaic (2016)

Shoothill published the “David Bowie Tribute Mosaic” mere days after the star’s passing, in honour of his memory. The fittingly impressive image was made from 1000 images of Bowie, taken throughout his incredible career. See the Mosaic here

British Airways

Advertising campaign for British Airways comparing travel costs for countries selected from a map by the end user. The system allowed end users to select countries they had visited directly from a map. Then the app calculated how many miles travelled and how many British Airways air miles (and other benefits) that would have been earned if those flights were taken on BA.

Microsoft Office 365

This project involved creating pages for a 3 month Microsoft Office 365 campaign including an interactive ‘category selector’. The user could select one or more applications within Office 365 and before being taken to Office 365 Tips.


MSN asked for a configurable generic picture viewer and timeline that was independent of the CMS and multi-language. To do this we built a system and GUI that allowed MSN to set the time (e.g. year, month, week, century etc.), upload the pictures to a directory and then write the text to go with each picture. Once done, access to the system was allowed to the MSN territories too (so they can translate into their own language)

NatWest Cricket (2015)

An interactive infographic app which housed seven updatable key stats for the T20 tournament all in one place. Designed as a modified cricket scoreboard which each section representing a different stat (Most catches Most wickets, Most runs, Highest score, Most sixes, Wicketkeeper dismissals & highest team score and all with NatWest branding

Thames Valley Park Bus App (2015)

TVP Bus app provides a convenient way to monitor the overall service status of the Thames Valley Shuttles. Running Windows Phone, IOS and Android, the app informs users on arrival times and routes of the bus services provided between Reading station and Thames Valley Park.

Check My Flood Risk (2015)

A free-to-use site informing the public on the likelihood of flooding from rivers or the sea in England. The user can simply enter any English postcode, and the system will calculate exactly how far that property is from a known Low, Medium or High flood risk area.

West Midlands Fire Service

Shoothill won a tender to initiate this West Midlands Fire Service project, mapping and presenting over 40 datasets. West Midlands Fire Service helps to keep 2.8 million people in the West Midlands safe. As part of that task, the Community Safety Strategy means analysing, mapping, and presenting risk across the West Midlands, which then informs how best to distribute fire stations and other assets. Shoothill build phase one of this project, visualising the datasets through mapping software. This system allowed the general public, in an easily understood format, to assess what the service does in their local areas, as well as across the West Midlands Region.

Space for Giants (2015)

Shoothill created an online experience that followed the life of an actual female elephant through a tracking system. Africa’s wild places are some of the most biodiverse ecosystems. Space for Giants works to secure them and demonstrate their worth. Built to further these aims, raising awareness amongst the public, this system tracked the elephant and plotted where she roamed throughout the day.

Virgin Holidays Planet Mojo (2015)

We developed a series of microsites and apps for Virgin Holidays as part of their “Planet Mojo” campaign. The campaign called for its audience to ‘unleash YOUR Mojo’ and visit some of the most exciting destinations on earth. The app contained videos, holiday destination suggestions (based on your profile), road trips and so much more! See the Video here

Maritime Security Online (2015)

International security firm Control Risks engaged Shoothill to work with them on building its Maritime Security Online system. MSO was created as a dynamic web-based platform designed to assist clients (cargo handlers, insurers, captains of merchant ships etc.) in mitigating key political, operational and security risks, as they happen in the global maritime domain.

Reading Travel Open Data Platform (2015)

In 2015 Shoothill won an open tender to build a set of APIs focused around live transport data. This involved manipulating data on traffic, parking, route disruption, live bus locations and so on. We would then provide the API’s as open data on the Open Data Hub for use by other developers in creating apps and other services.

Go Ultra Low (2015)

The aim of this informative site was to demonstrate the environmental and personal benefits of low emission vehicles. The site sought to encourage its users to take up using ultra low energy vehicles. The site had all the information you might need about Electric Cars & Vans, UK Government Grants and Incentives, EV charging points and route planners.

Eric Claption Tribute (2015)

Private Commission

Angling Trust & EA - Fishing Info (2015)

We created a mobile-friendly interactive website for the Angling Trust, helping anglers find the best spot to fish. provides everything needed for a fishing trip. This includes searching for fishing spots, weather conditions, live water levels, and even information on the purchasing of a rod licence. It also assists in finding and buying gear, as well as the locations of tackle shops, angling clubs and coaches. See Paul Whitehouse introducing Fishinginfo here

Open Data Institute Award (2014)

2014 also saw Shoothill enter and win the ODI’s Open Data Innovations awards with Gaugemap, facing stiff competition. The Shoothill team were presented with their award by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Sir Nigel Shadbolt.

PG Tips Promotion Interactive Web Page (2014)

Shoothill created the ‘fancy a cuppa?’ app for Unilever, users suggesting what makes the perfect cup of tea. The interactive app could be used to share and compare with their friends via MSN and Facebook.

Flood Alerts Press Syndication

Environment Agency contracted Shoothill to provide Live UK flood maps to all news outlets. Read more here.

Microsoft / Nissan (2014)

Nissan required a promotion site that would compare the road and track performance of their Nissan GT-R Nismo. Users could examine each version of the car(s) in minute detail, down to engine, handling, breaking and so on, side by side on the same page.

RAB Consultants (2014)

ExMS is RAB's Exercise Messaging System, a web-based software tool which makes emergency exercise planning and delivery simple. ExMS allows the customer to develop and deliver exercises from a single exercise scenario which can be edited to suit the user’s needs. The suite was available in its basic format for free. Shoothill designed and built ExMS to RAB’s specifications, and host and support it to this day.

EA API's (2014)

In response to national crisis, Shoothill helped the EA made their live river level and flood data open. Massive flooding was taking place across the country, and the EA was asked to make its live river level and flood data ‘open’ by the Cabinet Office in February 2014. The EA brought Shoothill on, as part of a new contract, to supply this data service for them using APIs we had written.

Bombardier - Orbita (2008)

Bombardier UK commissioned Shoothill to develop graphical software plotting detailed train data to a live BING maps overlay. The system not only displayed the location of rolling stock but also visualised live engineering telemetry data taken from trains; on the move and in real time. Bombardier were delighted with the results and so were Shoothill as this project was the runner-up in the 2009 Microsoft WPC Innovation Awards (or first professional accolade) Learn more here