Wednesday, 10th March 2021

Hive Homes begins onboarding Housebuilder Pro software

The partners in Hive Homes have over 40 years’ experience of building quality homes across the North West of England. Hive Homes “do more than just deliver quality new homes at affordable prices and are committed to making the home-buying journey an easy one”.

Nick Taylor, Head of Business Development at Housebuilder Pro expressed his excitement and gratitude towards Hive Homes, saying

“We at Housebuilder Pro are extremely pleased with our recent updates. Our software is constantly reaching new heights and the word of Housebuilder Pro is beginning to spread to all corners of the country. With Hive Homes joining us, it is telling that our software really is starting to make a difference”.

Vicky May, Head of Sales at Hive Homes stated

“Once I was appointed as Head of Sales for Hive Homes, I wanted to ensure that we had a great CRM system in place – it plays such an essential part in the customer journey. At Hive Homes, we aim to give our customers complete transparency throughout the whole new home build and purchase process. The information Housebuilder Pro’s team gave us during our demo was exactly what we needed to hear to help the ongoing fulfilment of this aim.

We are excited to start working with Housebuilder Pro and exploring further what the system can really do for us as a business. We are particularly impressed with Housebuilder Pro Reports; being able to see in real time how our product is being sold and to whom is a huge bonus”.

Housebuilder Pro is a full end to end project management software system offering complete administration and operational support throughout the life cycle of the new home build, sale, and aftercare process. Our cloud-based application includes customer relationship management tools and a built-in smart customer reservation form and activity tracker to aid efficient sales progression.

Improve your efficiency and workflow with Housebuilder Pro. For business enquiries and more information, contact [email protected] or get in touch with us by phone at 01743 644821.