FloodAlerts: Keeping your toes dry in Storm Babet

When Mother Nature unleashes her fury, the ability to predict and respond to natural disasters becomes paramount. Storm Babet, served as a stark reminder of the devastating impact that severe storms can have on communities. In such situations, advanced flood alert systems become invaluable.

While we may have moved into other aspects of software development since FloodAlerts. We continue to apply the lessons and philosophy of this project, that simplicity is paramount and that all organisations and individuals should have access to the digital systems they need to make them flourish.

Shoothill’s FloodAlerts System, known for its precision and real-time capabilities, was one tool that could be used to keep a track of the danger in the storm.

Floods are inseparable from the history of Shoothill. We first launched FloodAlerts in 2011, a tech-minded solution to a physical problem.  Shoothill was the first organisation to produce a live flood map in the UK! FloodAlerts would go on to feature on BBC News, be hosted on their website and inspire similar systems both in the UK and internationally.

We provide this service to this day, and it’s still the only online Flood Alert system to cover Scotland and England on the same map.

In a video we circulated on social media, we showcased the power of the system pinpointing a spot of flooding north of Welshpool in the system and with drone footage.

The Power of Shoothill’s Flood Alert System

Shoothill has long been at the forefront of flood monitoring and data visualization technology.

FloodAlerts, an innovative solution that amalgamates real-time data, advanced mapping tools, and user-friendly interfaces, has consistently demonstrated its capacity to provide accurate and timely flood information in a digestible manner.

This system is a lifeline for communities and authorities alike, offering crucial insights that enable proactive disaster management. One of our highest profile early projects it still runs to this day.

One of the standout features of Shoothill’s Flood Alert System is its ability to provide real-time data on rising water levels, river flow rates, and weather conditions. This information is collected from various sensors and monitoring stations, ensuring that decision-makers have access to the most current and accurate data available.

User-Friendly Interface for Enhanced Community Preparedness

Shoothill recognizes that it’s not just the data but also its accessibility that makes a difference.  Our user-friendly interface general public to access flood alerts with ease. This democratization of information empowers communities to be proactive in their preparedness efforts.

Storm Babet served as a reminder that in the face of nature’s wrath, preparedness and timely information are paramount. FloodAlerts, with its real-time data, user-friendly interface, and customizable alerts, has consistently proven its worth in helping communities and authorities mitigate the impact of severe weather events.

This philosophy for user-friendly design and simply demonstration of complex ideas in all areas continues to this day across all aspects of our work. Be that a bespoke business software solution, our new homes software solution Housebuilder Pro or an app developed for a start-up like our current project Betty Bet Bet.

If you’d like Shoothill to apply their services to your business or perhaps even develop your app, get in touch with us here.