Failing because of old software: Windows 8 users unable to file documents with HMRC

10th of  June 2024

In 2012 we were on the iPhone 5, indulging in the London Olympics and David Cameron left his daughter in the pub. It’s a lifetime ago – but this is when Windows 8 launched.

For those companies still using this operating system (in spite of the free upgrades to Windows 10), an update to the online HMRC security settings has left some accountancy software users still using Windows 8 or 8.1 unable to submit payroll records and other returns. Often businesses impacted are using the Moneysoft Payroll Manager, and have been left needing to rapidly upgrade their computers.

An HMRC spokesperson said: “Cyber threats continuously evolve and we constantly monitor and review our security measures, regularly updating the security and resilience of our IT estate to protect customer data.

“Software developers were made aware of this change last September, ahead of it coming into effect this month.

“We always encourage users to keep their operating system up to date.”

Obviously, the potential consequences of missing return deadlines need not be covered extensively here, but they’re harsh and even more annoying when it’s an antiquated bit of office kit that’s responsible.

Microsoft stopped supporting the Windows 8 platform, meaning developing it and making sure that the operating system worked in January last year – which means that more and more software platforms will encounter issues as time goes by. This turns it into what is called legacy software, a platform that is old, and slowly becomes less useable. Most vitally, called fail at any point.

The truth is nobody really knows where the next error like this will occur in relation to Windows 8, it may be when you’re trying to access your team’s shared files, trying to produce vital marketing materials or even when you try to join your next big meeting with that hard-won lead.

Developers are given notice of software breaking updates such as this, but if you’re using a system that isn’t supported by the team that built it anymore, or by a company that no longer exists. Be that Windows 8 your accounting software or your invoicing tool.

Well, you’ve got a ticking time bomb in your business.

You might not even know it.

Shoothill encounters businesses with these legacy platforms all the time, the solution lies in an expertly crafted custom solution that’s built for your needs. The added advantage? By commissioning your own platform you’re able to make sure that it continues to be supported.

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