Wednesday, 22nd March 2023

ChatGPT brings AI to bespoke software with ease

Developed by OpenAI and funded by Microsoft, ChatGPT-4 is now in Office 365 through Microsoft’s new feature Copilot. 


Microsoft’s idea for this is to integrate their class-leading AI into Office. The idea is that basic tasks like emails, arranging staff calendars, spreadsheets and press releases can be automated.


While the AI that Microsoft has built is highly competent, it needs to be used in conjunction with your staff who check its work and implement it.


 Even Microsoft acknowledge that its AI is rarely perfect, thus the name for its Office integration, Copilot. In your day-to-day use, it’s best to think of this next step in Chat GPT’s journey as an advanced spellcheck with an added flair of creativity. 


Here’s where custom software that is tailored to your company and your tasks comes in. If you can’t expand your business without hiring more staff to run your processes, custom-built software will facilitate this. 


The API, (Application Programming Interface) behind GPT-4 is available for software developers to implement into their work. Shoothill’s development team can use this API to integrate ChatGPT’s functionality into your business.


Shoothill’s developers used AI when working with Super Socks, a custom sock manufacturer. The AI learnt to crop and adjust users’ images on the socks, making sure that customer previews were accurate. The team achieved this by exposing the AI to images. 


As an experiment, we worked with the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, and the RAF Museum in London, to take 100’s pictures of a Supermarine Spitfire, a Hawker Hurricane, and a Heinkel He 111. Training AI to recognise planes. 


AI can help your business in any number of ways. While this could be through automating spreadsheets. It could involve using AIs in the back of your system to eliminate simple time-consuming tasks, freeing up your team to tackle the bigger problems of the day.


To learn more about how custom software and AI can help you get in touch.