Wednesday, 26th April 2023

Centralise your company’s data and processes to grow your business

If you and your team spend far too much time moving between different applications and getting lost in Microsoft Excel, then you need to look at centralising your IT systems.

Centralisation of data refers to the practice of storing all data in a single, unified location. With over 2 centuries of software development experience across the team, Shoothill has long seen the benefits of this process. The team have implemented data centralisation across a wide body of projects, from bespoke software to websites and apps.

One example of this is a master data management (MDM) system. An MDM system is a software solution that enables businesses to manage and maintain an accurate view of their data across multiple systems and applications.

A perfect example of this is the reporting screen used in Water Plus. At Shoothill, we developed Water Plus’ new My Account Plus Portal, a web-based application accessible by both Water Plus employees and customers. Here Water Plus’ large corporate customers are easily able to manage their accounts and billing.

For some of our customers a content management system (CMS), is a useful addition to their business. A CMS is a software solution that helps businesses manage their digital content. Many of Shoothill’s clients have needed these to be created and set up, to manage their website and social media.

Everything from luxury housing developments, extreme yachting experience days and West Midlands Fire Service have called on this web development service from Shoothill.

Many of the businesses we work with use multiple applications to manage different aspects of their operations, such as finance, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM). Creating custom data and system integrations, streamline your business. Consolidating these applications onto a single system boosts your team’s productivity.

A prime example is Shoothill’s Housebuilder Pro, a highly innovative end-to-end CRM for new home builders. This CRM drastically improves a new home builder’s efficiency and through the comprehensive reports suite, they make better-informed decisions.

Centralising data is an important strategy for businesses looking to improve their data security, increase workflow efficiency, make better decisions, and save costs.

To learn how Shoothill can save you time by bringing all your data under one umbrella, get in touch here.