Building a stronger modular construction business with custom software

26th of March 2024

In the construction of modular houses custom software solutions can unlock unparalleled levels of growth and profitability. These tailored digital tools streamline various critical aspects, from stock management and acquisition to customer relations, accounts, and production. Let’s delve into why custom software is essential for modular house construction and how Shoothill, with its extensive history in construction and building management, is leading the way.

Stock management and acquisition

Modular house construction involves extensive inventory tracking, and managing a vast array of materials, components, and fixtures. Keeping track of stock levels, reorder points, and supplier information can be overwhelming.

Ensuring timely material procurement is crucial to avoid project delays. Manual processes can lead to inefficiencies and missed deadlines.

Potential custom software solutions:

Inventory management systems: Tailored software allows real-time tracking of materials, automates reorder processes, and provides alerts for low stock levels. Many companies would turn to a spreadsheet or even analogue systems to manage this, however, it is easy to make mistakes this way.

Supplier portals: Custom-built portals facilitate seamless communication with suppliers, enabling efficient order placement and status updates. These can then integrate with the rest of your stock and accounting systems, ensuring seamless collaboration.

Customer relations and communication

Modular house buyers have specific requirements and expectations. Effective communication is essential to meet these demands.

Keeping clients informed about project progress, changes, and milestones is critical for customer satisfaction. However, this requires a high degree of skill to execute successfully 100% of the time, a bespoke solution built for your team will enable a high degree of success.

Potential custom software solutions:

CRM systems: Customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems help manage client interactions, track inquiries, and maintain a personalized approach. But built around your workflows, you’ll retain your company’s originality and unique selling points.

Project portals: Web-based portals allow clients to access project updates, view 3D models, and communicate directly with project managers. Our Housebuilder Pro project has a customer portal, where home buyers can access updates on their new build, relevant documents and even informational videos.

Financial management and accounts

Modular house projects involve multiple financial aspects, including budget allocation, expenses, and invoicing. Manual accounting processes can lead to errors and non-compliance with financial regulations. However, they’re time-consuming processes and can easily be automated.

Potential custom software solutions:

Accounting software: Customized accounting tools streamline financial processes, automate invoicing, and ensure accurate record-keeping. In previous applications of this sort of system, we’ve seen a time saving of 600% with reporting moving decreasing from an entire department’s day to the click of a button.

Budget tracking: Real-time budget monitoring helps project managers stay within allocated funds. With data visualisation tools you can easily see your budget projections.

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Production and Workflow Optimisation

Modular house production relies on assembly lines. Optimizing workflows and minimizing bottlenecks are essential. Ensuring consistent quality across modules requires rigorous checks and documentation. There are ways to custom software solutions.

Potential custom software solutions:

Production Management Systems: Custom software streamlines assembly line processes, tracks production stages, and identifies bottlenecks.

AI Implementation: AI is an excellent tool that many industries are looking to use. When it comes to optimisation, its objective approach can ease stresses on your production lines.

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Shoothill, with our rich history in construction and build management, has successfully implemented custom software solutions across various projects covering all of these problems. Custom software solutions are the backbone of efficient modular house construction. Shoothill’s expertise and commitment to innovation continue to drive advancements in this dynamic field.

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