Automating spreadsheets: Revolutionising construction and manufacturing with Shoothill

11th of March 2024

In construction and manufacturing, staying ahead of the competition requires not just innovation, but the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies into your processes and operations. By leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and advanced data analytics. Shoothill is transforming the landscape of manufacturing and construction by introducing custom software solutions.

We’ll explore five indispensable spreadsheets in the manufacturing and construction sectors that can be automated to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall business success with Shoothill’s help.

Embracing the future of manufacturing and construction requires a strategic partnership with technology leaders like Shoothill. By automating essential spreadsheets through AI, cloud computing, and advanced data analytics, companies can revolutionise their operations, ensuring they remain competitive in an ever-evolving industry.

Invoicing spreadsheets:

Invoicing is a complex, yet relatively simple process. As a result, companies that spend countless hours doing this, really don’t need to. A prime candidate for digital transformation, we’ve developed systems for it countless times.

Water Plus challenged Shoothill to develop an application to digitally transform their process. In a competitive market, driven by tiny margins, the company were also looking to deliver value-added services to their clients to distinguish themselves from other businesses. Therefore, the software should both streamline back-end bill management, whilst also serving as a gateway for clients to view their data. Existing data and practices would be migrated from the obsolete legacy system.

As a result, we developed the My Account Plus Portal, a web-based application accessible by both Water Plus employees and customers. Task automation and a simple but effective toolkit improve the speed and efficiency of the billing process end-to-end for both parties, while interpretable feedback and data visualisation assist in monitoring payments.

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Inventory management spreadsheets:

Managing materials and equipment is a constant challenge in construction and manufacturing. Shoothill’s advanced data analytics can automate inventory tracking, predicting usage patterns, and enable you to ensure optimal stock levels. This not only prevents delays due to shortages but also minimises excess inventory, reducing costs and maximising resource utilisation.

However, it’s easy to misenter data into one of these spreadsheets. This can have major consequences, be that running out of stock on an order, or not having the resources on hand to complete a job. However with a bespoke software solution, these mistakes are eliminated alongside all the organisational efficiency gains you receive.

Customer relationship management spreadsheets:

Efficient collaboration with suppliers is crucial for uninterrupted production. Shoothill’s cloud computing solutions streamline supplier relationship management. By automating communication, order processing, and performance tracking, companies can foster stronger ties with suppliers, negotiate better deals, and ensure a reliable supply chain. In real terms, you no longer need to keep a spreadsheet full of phone numbers, names and email addresses.

No matter how niche your business model, or product there can be the perfect tailor-made solution. Take for example our work with Sharmans, a manufacturer of gutter lining. Our platform built for them incorporates a complete CRM, that caters to their method of working and as a result, has helped laid the groundwork for their growth and digital transformation.

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Energy consumption optimisation spreadsheets:

Energy efficiency is a key concern for manufacturing companies, not only to meet environmental demands but also to help you cut unnecessary costs. Cloud-based solutions can analyse energy consumption patterns in, identifying opportunities for optimisation and cost savings. It’s simple but through adjustment of equipment settings and lighting based on demand, companies can reduce energy costs, minimise their environmental footprint, and enhance their corporate social responsibility profile. However, with a bespoke software solution, you can identify places to target in your company.

Ready to take your construction and manufacturing business to the next level? Shoothill is your trusted partner in embracing the future. Our custom software solutions, powered by AI, cloud computing, and advanced data analytics, are designed to elevate efficiency, accuracy, and overall business success. Contact us today to revolutionise your operations and stay ahead in the world of construction and manufacturing.