Monday, 11th September, 2023

A summer of work experience at Shoothill

Before Blake left the office after his summer of work experience, he sat down to write a press release about his time with us.

Blake has been at Shoothill part-time for 5 weeks, after choosing to extend his time with us after his initial work experience.

During that time, he has learnt the basics of numerous applications ranging from Housebuilder Pro to Excel. He’s been able to go further in-depth into the different types of work that he has been set at Shoothill.

As part of his work experience, Blake started by talking to every member of the Shoothill in-office team. He’s discovered the ins and outs of their job, and how they contribute to the overall business. After that, he helped with data entry in Housebuilder Pro of new contacts, developments and house types for the system’s clients, as well as assisting the testing team prior to the release of updates.

Blake said: “I found testing the most difficult, it takes a lot of concentration and time where the reward for your effort is not finding anything. However, the data gathered from it can be very useful in improving the software. So the hard work definitely pays off.

It’s clear to me that the team cares deeply about their products and ensuring that they are reliable.”

Blake is planning to finish his GCSEs and then choose his A-Levels. He said, his work experience with Shoothill has most definitely influenced his decision. In his time with us, he has greatly improved his digital skills, gaining a much deeper understanding of Microsoft Office’s Excel and Adobe’s Photoshop.

Josh Welch, Commercial Manager of Shoothill said: “Blake has become quite proficient in Excel and an efficient data entry expert rivalling none.

I started as a work experience student with Shoothill 9 years ago, so I’ve tried my hardest to give him an as impactful experience as I had. I’m glad that Shoothill is still accepting students as I feel it can bring new ideas into Shoothill, whilst also giving the students a guide with what their future career could be.”

Josh Jones, Customer Support Executive said: “Blake’s contribution during his short time with us, particularly in data entry, has been nothing short of exceptional. His precision and dedication transformed what could have been mundane tasks into a showcase of efficiency and accuracy.”

Blake has been a welcome presence in the office, and we wish him the best of luck in whatever path he chooses.

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