Tuesday, 27th July 2021

5 ways Cloud computing could boost your business

We live in a world that is advancing so quickly in terms of connectivity it’s scary. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that, because of COVID-19, the company had “seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months”, as a result of changes and advancements of technological infrastructure, security and remote working.

Offline solutions have proven useful in previous years, but businesses are finding better answers to manage their day-to-day workflow – particularly in the wake of the global pandemic.

One word – cloud. But what is it?

Cloud computing is the process of running and accessing software and services that run on the internet instead of on your computer. This means that you can access this information through web browsers such as Google Chrome, and sometimes, dedicated apps on your phone.

If you run a business of any size, you can benefit from using cloud services. But to what extent? There are many, but here are the five most significant ways you and your business can benefit from using cloud-based services and software applications.

1. Minimise costs and boost your profits

At the end of the day, if you are running a business, you want to know if the cloud can have any financial impact. The answer is a HUGE yes.

One of the most popular cloud-based systems are CRM (customer relationship management) systems or ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. These systems are designed to streamline workflow and provide essential data, often in real-time. Examples of this essential data could be customer sales statuses, stock levels or sources of enquiry – all critical to keep track of progress, deadlines and coordinate teams. You can see an example of this work here – with the ‘Reports’ feature of a project management system called Housebuilder Pro, designed for new home builders.

With cloud-based services, your business will only pay for the resources it needs. You won’t need to worry about spending money on extra storage or processing power. Bespoke cloud-based systems built by custom software firms such as Shoothill are built around your needs, so if there are elements of your business that are overly expensive or inefficient that can be streamlined with a digital solution, it can be. You can read more about bespoke cloud-based software solutions here.

Services powered by the cloud are hosted on the provider’s servers. Having your own private server room requires physical security, huge amounts of power and air-conditioning to function as intended for the longevity of a company. Why do all the heavy lifting? Why buy when you can rent?

2. Access from anywhere

Being able to access files from anywhere is essential in a world where we’re all working from different locations all the time. Sending emails back and forth with different file versions can get messy, particularly in a small-medium fast-growing enterprise. Losing track of files will become a thing of the past with a cloud solution.

With a cloud service, all you need is a device with a web browser connected to the internet.

3. Scalable resources

Should you have your own data centre in a growing company, you will constantly have to think about purchasing and installing new servers. With cloud services, you can scale your business as and when you need to (both up and down to suit demand) without over-spending on permanent solutions because of temporary demand.

The cloud provides limitless cost-effective resourcing.

4. Gain an edge over the competition

Larger companies that have their own data centres can be competed with by smaller companies with a cloud solution. Before the cloud, smaller companies that could not afford to build their own data centres would not be able to compete – but with the cloud, they can.

Cloud systems can be deployed exceptionally fast; you don’t need to wait long to access cloud-based services, allowing you to get results faster.

5. Boost productivity

Switching to the cloud improves collaboration within teams. By having a cloud-based system, you allow your staff to access work-related data whenever they need to, and fast. Cloud computer services such as Microsoft Azure use enormous data centres that allow for consistently fast request response times for users of services connected to it.

With such reliable power behind a system, you and your employees will spend less time diagnosing technical issues and more time focussing on completing tasks critical to the success of your business.

Are you prepared to take your business to the next level with a cloud-based solution? We can create you the perfect bespoke system. Get in touch: https://shoothill.com/get-in-touch/

[Image: Cloud-based working in action featuring Housebuilder Pro, a project management system created for new home builders by Shoothill in partnership with Shingler Homes]