Why your business needs End to End Software

Too Many Cooks

Imagine, if you will, that you’re cooking a magnificent meal. You’ve gone out and bought all the ingredients, they’re all top quality and you’re an excellent chef. It’s looking pretty promising. But there’s this one itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, tiny, little problem.

You don’t have a kitchen.

What you DO have is an oven in one room, a sink in the next, a gas hob in another. The pots and pans are in the garden and pantry is on the roof. To be fair to you, your cutlery drawer and chopping boards are in the same room, but the fridge with all the vegetables in it is at the other end of the house.

Honestly now, how do you think this meal is going to turn out?

You could struggle through, certainly; dashing from station to station, slicing an onion here, frying a steak there, rushing to dice potatoes in between checking your pastry upstairs doesn’t burn. Lord only knows what it is you’re making, but it sounds tiring. Inefficient. Counterproductive. And at the end of the day, the quality of the food is going to suffer.

Now if you’re thinking I’ve gone barmy, and that I’m talking nonsense, you could be forgiven. The point I’m making here is that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and when you spread yourself over multiple platforms for interacting processes, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Want to prepare a culinary masterpiece but don’t have a kitchen? Then GET a kitchen.

It’s the same with running a business. If you’re dividing your functionality over multiple off-the-shelf systems, you’re not getting the most out of that business. Processes take longer, there’s more room for error, it’s a hassle. That means lower profits.

However, have no fear, for there is a solution. Bespoke end to end software, which unifies your business, keeping all your data and processes in one place. Catering to your team members with an intuitive and helpful user interface that makes their jobs effortless.

At Shoothill we’ve designed hundreds of systems of this ilk, so we know what we’re doing, and we’ve seen businesses so enthused with the solutions we deliver that they have entirely restructured their company around their use.

Let’s talk about why.


Quick and Easy

The right software solution can render complex tasks effortless, complete a usually long-winded process in moments, and outperform any human in calculations, analysis, accuracy and so on.

For a moment, ask yourself whether you’d rather have an abacus or a calculator on hand to do your taxes.

The truth is, a digital approach is just better than a manual one. Using a bespoke end to end platform, with everything custom designed to perfectly complement your business, all your data and functionality in one place, and automation happening behind the scenes, will boost your efficiency no end.

And the beauty is, these systems are actually easier to use. Between intuitive user interfaces and different facets of the program working in tandem to one another, day to day jobs become effortless and team members are able to fulfil their role swiftly and conveniently.


Fits like a Glove

We touched on this one above, but it wants reiterating.

Have you ever put on the wrong shoe? Do you, per chance, recall the innate discomfort you felt? The way it defied every contour of your foot, pinched painfully at your toes whilst flapping about uselessly around your heel? It sounds awful, I am truly sorry for you.

But you take my point. Out with generic ill-fitting systems, in with tailor made solutions. A piece of software which is purpose built for your enterprise will translate fluently to your business, giving you a foundation to expand and grow. Forget bending over backwards to make awkward commercially available software packages work for you, the systems Shoothill design will bend with you.

If you have a particular way that you like things done, if you’ve a niche business model ready to flourish with the right support, if you want a comfortable and flexible experience which will see your profits soar, then the fits-like-a-glove approach of a bespoke developer is the way to go.


Cost Effective

For a business savvy buyer like yourself, this is a big deal. Expenditures can be daunting and it might seem easier to save the money and make do as you are now. But you’re forgetting about the amazing Returns on Investments offered by a custom digital transformation.

Right away, using an end to end system which encompasses your entire business means you’re only having to deal with (and pay) one company, rather than splitting yourself over several regular subscriptions with impersonal companies that like leaving you on hold during peak business hours. If you pick a developer you trust, who understands your needs, and is proactive in offering support, you know that you’re getting value for money.

But more to the point, by channelling your functionality through one platform you ensure maximum productivity, meaning you’re working faster and making better use of man hours. You’ll have more time to close deals. You can more accurately monitor bottlenecks in your workflow and adapt to them.

We at Shoothill have seen enormous exponential growth as a result of our digital transformations, with entire businesses coming to revolve around our software. That’s the kind of difference it makes, and that right there is value for money.


Staying in Control

I may have mentioned end to end solutions offering you the opportunity to step back and cast an appraising eye over your business. This is a fine example of the control such a solution bestows upon you. Keeping track of what is working, and what is not, within your business means you can stay on top of bottlenecks and inefficiencies and wheedle them out.

The bespoke element means that you decide what the software does, and then we make it work. From the beginning you are in control of the system, calling the shots, determining its functionality, and then when it’s delivered, utilising it to maintain your business.

With all of you company’s records and processes at your fingertips in one advanced system, you have easy access to all the resources you could need.


Keep up with the Competition

This is the big one. While you’re running around the house from cooker, to pantry, to sink, other businesses have just installed a professional kitchen and hired a gourmet chef. The world is changing more and more with every passing year, and society is becoming infused with technology. It’s everywhere, in our shops, our homes, our pockets. Digital transformation is a process no modern business can afford to ignore.

An end to end Shoothill solution will give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition in this digital race. The efficiency of software solutions, and the associated return on investments. The comfort and ease of using a bespoke platform. The control over your enterprise and the extension of your potential to grow. With these tools at your disposal, your limitations will melt away.