Wednesday, 24th May 2023

The state of play – a May update from the team

For those outside the software industry understanding the complete scope of Shoothill is a little tricky. When one hears the words, full-service custom software agency, it’s easy to assume it’s just a group of coders producing magical portals and apps.


 While true to an extent there’s so much more with designers, consultants, user interface developers, and system developers directly producing our software. But with a host of staff supporting their work including operations, sales and marketing. We hope this series of articles helps you understand what Shoothill do best.


Simon Jeavons FIC and Josh Welch


This past month has been diverse, to say the least, the major headline of course, is Simon’s appointment as a Fellow to the Institute of Consultants. This milestone recognises the work that Shoothill does, in that we solve problems. 


In the Operations team, we are the customer’s first point of contact throughout the entire process. Be that in the initial discovery period or after a bespoke software solution launches. This requires an in-depth understanding of their work and enterprise. 


This month we’ve been on site with new customers establishing where they’re losing time and of course as a result money. This discovery period is essential to best implement a digital transformation. Building this understanding allows development to be best guided by both our experience and the ambitions of the customer. 


While Shoothill are a full-service custom software agency in this way, we do also spend a considerable amount of time on our new home builder’s platform, Housebuilder Pro. Housebuilder Pro has a continued commitment to offering the very best to all our home builders. This means continued development and frequent updates. 


Heading into June as new building regulation Part L comes into effect, the team are implementing an industry-leading solution that streamlines the process for our homebuilders. We’re now working with the development team to have this built and put in the system ready for use.


Of course, there’s more than consulting and Housebuilder Pro at Shoothill. Currently, we’re working with a local Shrewsbury-based start-up Wild Otter. This iOS and Android app is an emerging platform for paddlers that makes the nation’s waterways more accessible and aims to build a new digital community.


Wild Otter is currently going through an extensive design process, where we balance the experienced recommendation of the design team and the ambition of our client, to create the very best app that we can that achieves the client’s goals.