Monday, 7th February 2022

Shoothill welcomes new Customer Support Executive, Josh Jones

We are excited to welcome our first new employee of 2022, Josh Jones.

Josh has over 8 years experience in customer-facing roles and a knack for customer service, bringing an infectious happy demeanour to the office.

Josh has always wanted to get into the IT industry, having a background in PC building and programming:

“I used to build computers and sell them, which, from what I hear, is very similar to how Rod and Erik started out back in the 90s before eventually incorporating Shoothill and taking the software route. I have always wanted to join an IT firm; software is such a good industry to be a part of. In such a fast moving industry, it can be incredibly exciting at times. Housebuilder Pro’s rapid growth is reflective of that”.

One of Josh’s main responsibilities will be to act as a medium between Housebuilder Pro’s growing client base and the operations team, ensuring that each client is getting the most out of the system and any issues are adhered to and resolved in a punctual manner.

Josh has just finished his first week at the time of writing, adding that he “has never worked in such a friendly environment”.

“I have never been welcomed so well in any job I have had previously. Everyone is always happy to help”.

When asked about hobbies and interests, Josh responded with

“Being a father! There’s not much time to have hobbies and interests these days!”