Thursday, 25th November 2021

Shoothill power new platform that simplifies warehouse search

A new online search facility, 3PL Exchange, designed to help UK operators hunting for warehouse space, has been launched to help support ongoing demand.

The database, which is free for anyone to access online, responds to the recent demand for warehouse space and frustrations businesses and brands are experiencing when searching for available warehouse storage space.

The platform has been created by one of Europe’s leading packaging suppliers, Southgate Global. A family run business, Southgate dates back to 1966 specialising in innovative product development and global sourcing. Southgate has a wide customer base, ranging from over 600 distributors across Europe to a portfolio of large e-commerce clients to those specialising in warehouse and logistics.

Stockpiling due to Brexit and the pandemic has placed pressure on the warehousing industry, with 12.5 million sq ft of industrial and logistics space transacted in the first quarter of the year. And with the rise of e-commerce sales increasing by 50 per cent since the start of the pandemic, the need for extra space is only set to increase.

With the launch of 3PL Exchange, Southgate aims to streamline the process for both business owners and logistics companies with its quick and simple database which outlines details such as how much space is available, where the warehouse is based and when.

Anyone can access the database online and modify their search with terms such as minimum and maximum space required and warehouse type. Those who have warehouse space available can also use the platform to create a listing.

Darren Smith, Head of Marketing at Southgate said: “Finding warehouse space has become increasingly challenging over the past year, something we have experienced first-hand at Southgate which is why we decided to create a solution.

“We are excited to be launching 3PL Exchange, especially during a time when warehouse demand is at its peak. We hope that our database allows others to access the information they need with ease and reduce the headache of manually searching for availability.”

The platform has been developed by Shoothill who have been delivering projects for companies ranging from SMEs to blue-chip company clients for 16 years, boosting their operational efficiency and profitability with a wide range of digital solutions.

Rod Plummer, Managing Director at Shoothill commented: “3PL Exchange was built to bring suppliers and buyers of storage space together without difficulty. We have built an interactive map of the whole UK into the platform, essentially giving this tool limitless potential for logistic companies from all over the country. We are excited to see how this platform will be utilised in the coming months as we believe it could really help streamline an industry currently suffering from inefficiency, delays and high costs thanks to a turbulent economic climate”.

You can visit 3PL Exchange today by clicking here.

Learn more about Shoothill here.