Tuesday, 30th April 2019

Shoothill tasked with engineering Halford’s ‘Really Ready for Summer’ campaign

It is that time of year where the temperatures are starting to climb, and the coming weeks and months are forecast to be one of the hottest we have seen in quite a long time. This year is the perfect opportunity to embrace the great outdoors, an opportunity spotted by British retailer of car parts, tools, camping equipment and bicycles, Halfords. This year, Halfords, partnered with StoryLab and Mail Metro Media, are launching the fun and engaging Really Ready for Summer campaign. This campaign aims at getting as many people outside and active as possible over the duration of the summer here in the UK. By being involved in the campaign, consumers would be eligible to receive discounts on Halford products while simultaneously soaking up some sunshine.

Halfords group approached Shoothill with the challenge of developing a bespoke application to build this campaign around. The software needed to be designed with the consumer in mind and needed to satisfy Halford’s vision; the software needed to be interactive, easy to use and understand and needed to store relevant information for users to correctly track their progress. Shoothill have valuable experience and expertise in mapping integration and data visualisation thus were correctly equipped for the task right out of the gate.

Shoothill’s response to this challenge is the Halfords Discovery Hub. The Discovery Hub serves as a web portal for consumers to participate in the campaign and is hosted using cloud computing with the technical assistance of the Microsoft Azure platform. The mapping tool uses OpenStreetMap, a collaborative world mapping service from the community of geodata experts, with an API integration, with which we could place pins for each available day out.

The Halfords Discovery Hub is looking to be a huge hit, forecasting potentially thousands of users across the United Kingdom accessing the software and checking on their progress. At Shoothill, we are proud with what is looking to be another highly successful project. Thanks to Halfords for choosing Shoothill.

Halford’s Really Ready for Summer 2019 campaign video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYUZbwMHkac
Halfords: https://www.halfords.com/
Shoothill: http://www.shoothill.com/

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Image: ‘Really Ready for Summer’ Discovery Hub seamlessly integrated with the Halfords website