Typical industries: E-commerce, retail, residential construction, commercial construction, finance, information security, insurance, software-as-a-service (SaaS), cybersecurity, private healthcare, telecommunications.

Building a successful business is hard. Requiring graft, innovation, skills and a little luck, to master every element is impossible. At Shoothill we specialise in solving unique business problems. For many of our customers, there are numerous digital elements to their business that can unlock further business growth if given attention. In our combined 200 years of professional software experience, we’ve acquired the knowledge and experience that organisations come to rely on when scaling their business.

Examples of areas that our ignite service will aid in :

  • Taking pressure off your staff
  • Finding viable alternatives to legacy software
  • Identifying administration processes that could be automated
  • Assisting with marketing campaigns across social media, your website and email campaigns.
  • Help provide a roadmap for continued digital development

Our ignite service is a free resource for businesses to identify key growth areas that may have either previously been skipped over, neglected or solved with outdated systems. Led by our experienced and industry-recognised consultants, this is the perfect way to begin your digital revolution, obligation free.

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