Shoothill incorporate new USA based subsidiary

Award winning software company Shoothill have incorporated a new USA based subsidiary , in order to extend much in – demand software services to the American market , starting with a game changing transformation to the insurance sector .

Building on their recent success with My Flood Risk – an unrivalled home flood risk calculator with coverage across the entire United States – Shoothill are preparing to launch an innovative new flood-related web service, states-side, this summer.

Simon Jeavons COO at Shoothill said “It’s due to our increasing opportunities with various American insurers that Shoothill Software, Inc. has been founded, and what’s so exciting is the massive long term potential of this new subsidiary moving forward. Shoothill Software, Inc. will better enable us to deliver our expertise in smart workflow automation, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation direct to American customers”.

Specialising in bespoke enterprise software, Shoothill have, for a long time, radically increased the productivity and brand value of companies across the UK and internationally. Operating out of the Shropshire town of Shrewsbury, the developers have nonetheless worked with many large American organisations in the past.

However, this latest expansion means a permanent presence in the US software market with the new American based corporation. As the company behind the award winning “FloodAlerts” system – the UK’s first live flood warning map – Shoothill are looking to deliver their techniques and expertise to the US, whilst continuing to drive smarter business in their home country.

“We’re incredibly proud and excited to have established a formal Shoothill presence in the USA,” said Rod Plummer, MD of Shoothill, “With a US based offshoot, Shoothill will be poised to more effectively exploit our 10 years’ experience of manipulating flood data with our new customers across the Atlantic, whilst still maintaining our presence as leading a custom software developer in the UK. It look like it’s going to be quite a year!”