January 9th 2024

Navigating the Future: Digital transformation trends for the construction industry in 2024

In the construction industry, 2024 is poised to bring about significant shifts in how companies embrace their software solutions, relying more and more on digital transformation to see continued success. The construction industry isn’t going to jump on board the AI train for everything just yet, but we will see the continued rise of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, and more advanced invoicing and accounting models.

As custom software specialists with a robust history in the digital transformation of the manufacturing and construction industries, Shoothill is at the forefront of these changes, anticipating and responding to the emerging trends that are reshaping the sector.

Elevating project management through ERPs

Effective project management is the heartbeat of any successful construction venture. Major players in the industry run their entire business through bespoke systems and as a result, see major success. These platforms allow them to take on the most work they can, predict resource limitations, and manage their resources to achieve maximum profits and the best results for their customers and projects.

This year, we foresee an increased reliance on ERPs throughout the construction industry, as more and more businesses outgrow their spreadsheets or simply no longer have the time to manage them, they’ll seek alternatives. While there are off-the-shelf solutions, custom-built ERPs empower construction companies to streamline project planning, resource allocation, and progress tracking, without having to restructure their organisation to fit the mould of another.

Real-time data accessibility and analytics within ERP systems are proving to be game changers, both for our clients and those in the wider industry. With access to real-time data, decision-making is enhanced, meaning that management can stay certain that projects stay on time and well within budget.

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Seamless integration of custom software solutions

As more and more companies have seen bottlenecks in certain parts of their business, say perhaps in their sales team’s ability to handle high volumes of leads, they’ve implemented software systems to cover that part of their business. In the case of the sales team this might be something like HubSpot of Salesforce – or in the new homes industry our very own Housebuilder Pro.

One-size-fits-all solutions often fall short of meeting the unique demands of businesses – especially those in the construction sector. With data moving between departments and teams, it’s important to make sure that all software works seamlessly with other implemented platforms.

For example, a custom-built ERP could integrate seamlessly with your already implemented CRM – meaning the movement of data between departments and software platforms. Leading to major efficiency gains in the construction sector.

Strengthening client relationships with CRM solutions

Client satisfaction is paramount, and in 2024, the emphasis on building and maintaining strong client relationships has never been greater. There are affordable solutions on the market even for the smallest of construction firms and tradesmen, those not yet ready to embrace custom solutions and just need to move away from spreadsheets.  As experts in the digital transformation journey, the Shoothill consulting team can point you towards the correct solution to get your enterprise on this brighter path.

For those further along their journey, Shoothill have experience developing CRMs. The highest profile of these, is our very own Housebuilder Pro. Much more than a CRM as Housebuilder Pro encompasses the entire new home sales journey from before foundation to beyond completion, a testament to the power of interdepartmental integration. At its heart sits a CRM where a new home construction business can build its contacts and follow up on leads at every opportunity. While at first built for a regional home builder, it has been developed whilst liaising with over 40 customers who use it in their everyday work.

Shoothill specializes in crafting software designed to meet the unique needs of construction firms. From lead management to post-project support, our CRM solutions help companies personalize their interactions, anticipate client needs, and ultimately foster long-term partnerships.

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Financial precision with custom invoicing and accounting tools

Invoicing and accounting processes are the financial backbone of any business, but in construction, it can be a little bit more complicated. Recognizing the need for precision in financial management, invoicing and accounting tools are tailored to simplify and automate these critical tasks.

Often a monotonous and time expensive task, these processes can be automated with relative ease. What once was a day or more’s work, can be reduced to the press of a button. Once data is unified and input into a software platform that is algorithmically trained to do its job, the time and labour savings will pay for the investment with ease.

The solutions we’ve built in this space not only ensure accuracy but also provide insights that enable businesses to make informed financial decisions through comprehensive reporting tools, paving the way for sustainable growth and enhanced business intelligence.

Digital transformation of an entire sector is a long process as private companies each make their own decision on moving forward. 2024 signals a paradigm shift in the construction sector towards customized solutions that address the specific challenges of the industry. For a business, this may be inefficient accounting processes or unclear workflows. But there are solutions be that embracing ERPs, enhanced CRMs or advanced financial tools. Our commitment is not just to enhance efficiency but to empower construction companies to win more business in a competitive market. As the industry continues to evolve, Shoothill remains dedicated to being the trusted partner in the journey towards a digitally transformed future.

If you’d like to kick start or continue your digital transformation, contact Shoothill here.