Wednesday, 28th June 2023

The development update – a June update from the team

For those outside the software industry understanding the complete scope of Shoothill is a little tricky. When one hears the words, full-service custom software agency, it’s easy to assume it’s just a group of coders producing magical portals and apps.


 While true to an extent there’s so much more with designers, consultants, user interface developers, and system developers directly producing our software. But with a host of staff supporting their work including operations, sales and marketing. We hope this series of articles helps you understand what Shoothill do best.


Erik Nodland – Chief Technical Officer

June has been a busy month for the team as a whole. With projects being tidied off and finalised, there are quite a few headlines.

The Housebuilder Pro team finalised their Part L solution, completing a comprehensive testing process. With the regulations coming into effect on the 15th this needed to be ready in time for our customers to use and comply with regulations. The team implemented this ready for customers to use.

The solution built in tandem with Stancliffe Homes and Shingler Homes, showcases the capabilities of the design and development team to use technology to solve a new problem. Combining data collection and cloud technology our Part L solution uses the tools available to us to build the best new homes.

This month has also seen the next step in our project Wild Otter. A mobile app designed to make the water ways more accessible. The design department have finalised the first designs for the iOS and Android app. This has now been passed along to the developers to execute these designs for the launch later on in the year. I’m looking forward to using our experience from monitoring river levels with GaugeMaps and FloodAlerts on this new project.

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